Story By Pedmia Shatu and Florence Etaka

Mayor Tanjong Martin who before the February twin elections in Cameroon crossed carpet fromSocial Democratic Front SDF to the leading Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement CPDM, has been re-elected the Mayor of Tubah Council.

Mayor Tanjong, elected Mayor of Tubah Council

Mayor Tanjong Martin secured himself 31 votes out of the 33 votes that were cast during the council’s elective session on Tuesday 18 of February 2020 which took place at the conference room of the DO’s office due to the prevailing circumstances in the region.

Mayor and vote
Tanjong Martin casting his vote

Councillor Prof. Peter Abety, the eldest councilor chaired a session to elect deputies. Nelson Nsaboh Aloh was elected as First Deputy Mayor, Abong Esther, Buba Dahiru Gaddafi and Mbengong Rose as 2nd, 3rd and 4th Deputies respectively.

Tubah Deputy Mayors

Installing the Mayor of Tubah, the S D O for Mezam Dooh Simon Emile, congratulated the mayor and his team on their success and called on the mayor not to relent his efforts in the development of Tubah and to pay close attention to hygiene/sanitation and infrastructural development. He challenged them to make use of the youths in the municipality so that they will not be tempted to join their peers in the bush and also for the Mayor and his team to assist in bringing out the boys from the bushes.

SDO and Mayor
Dooh Simon Emile S.D.O Mezam

Addressing the press, Mayor Tanjong Martin lauded the efforts of the councilors indicating that his re-election as Mayor will dwell strongly on the development of Tubah municipality. He indicated that the development success will come with the efforts of all the councilors.

It should be noted that in June 2018 Mayor Tanjong received an award at the Life Time Achievement Award for Nation Builder by Life time Magazine. He has been at the fore front of development in the Tubah municipality. The latest with caught the attention of many was the fcat that Mayor Tanjong felt that children should not be left idling in the quarters during holiday. In his municipality, “I engage these children in the collection of plastic papers which helps in weeding them out of the environment and helps in the production of pavement bricks that Tubah council is practicing today, they help to keep the farms fertile for good yields. With plastics in the soil, it makes it difficult for good yields” the Mayor said. He urged everyone to use bags that can be recycled or the biodegradable bags which can be used severally than going to the market each day and bringing home new papers.