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July 2019

Journalists from the NW, SW, Littoral and Center Regions carve niche to mitigate Fake news one of the ingredients for the rising tension in the current war in Anglophone Cameroon

Fifteen journalists they were, drawn from the Northwest Southwest, Littoral and Centre regions to sharpen their skills on data journalism and Fact checking for fake news both online and offline. The event which was organized by ADISI Cameroun as part... Continue Reading →

“Press and Associate” a talk show over Ndefcam Radio Bamenda donates 343,000 FRS for maintenance and sustainability of the hospitals ultra-modern toilet

The Regional hospital Bamenda in a bid to ensure the welfare of its clients thought it wise some months back to offer an ultra-modern toilet which was hence inaugurated on the 11th of April, 2019. At the event which was... Continue Reading →

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