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May 2019

The New Trend of Education in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon

Many years ago,it was common knowledge that education was a fundamental right for every child. That was why parents whether with plenty or lack, from urban or rural areas did not relent but ensured they have their kids the best... Continue Reading →

One person dead, six others wounded in Balikumbat, Ngoketundjia division, NWR Cameroon.

  In day one of the two days ghost town announced by Ambazonia separatist fighters, at least one person has died and six others wounded in Balikumbat , Ngoketundjia division, Northwest Region kof Cameroon. According to Cameroon News Agency, gunshots... Continue Reading →

Adulf Lele L’Afique Creates Evaluation Commission To ascertain Military Atrocities in The Bamenda II Subdivision Last Wednesday.

Following the destruction of property of some families at Muwatchu, Matsam and Alachu neighbourhoods in the Bamenda II Subdivisionon Wednesday May 15, 2019 by the military, the Governor of the North West Region, Lele L'Afrique, has set up an Evaluation... Continue Reading →

Victims of the military destruction in Alachu, Bamenda to be compensated

The Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo says those people whose families have been destroyed at Alachu, mile 8 in Bamenda are going to be compensated. The Minister explains that after the killing of two soldiers on patrol in the... Continue Reading →

Soldiers set ablaze properties in Bamenda II subdivision as Pro-Independence fighters kill two of their colleagues.

Wednesday May 15, 2019, some families at Muwatchu, Matsam and Alachu neighbourhoods in the Bamenda II Subdivision, witnessed property loss following burning of houses, pigsty, clinic, business sites and a church. The destruction came on the hills of the killing... Continue Reading →

SDF offers services of Chairman Fru Ndi as mediator in the current quest for normalcy in the current war in Cameroons NW and SW Regions.

Early Friday 10th of May the Prime Minister and Head of government at the Ayaba hotel began with audiences geared towards seeking solutions to the current war in Anglophone Cameroon. The first audience he granted was to the Chairman of... Continue Reading →

“ President Paul Biya is ready for dialogue on any issue except Secession”. Cameroon’s PM Dion Ngute tells journalist in Bamenda Thursday, May 9th.

The Prime Minister and head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute has embarked on a working visit to the troubled North west and South west Regions of the country. Before the Prime Ministers arrival at about 1pm, some women of the... Continue Reading →

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