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April 2019

Bamenda Regional hospital launches its Ultra-modern toilet structure to inclusive reach for persons living with disabilities

Institutional analysis for the Regional Hospital Bamenda was carried out by the hospital administration some 4 years ago. Since then, the hospital administration has engaged in a couple of projects with an OK from the then Minister of Public Health,... Continue Reading →

Exposecybercrimes Data Protection on social media platforms is a call for concern

Beware of1) Emengue Brigitte - 6722890382) Berinyuy Valentine - 653533511I have a feeling the CEO's of most of our social media platforms didn't think about certain consequences and aspects of data protection when creating these sits. This morning I got... Continue Reading →

Sisterspeak237 creates a unique platform “Access 2019” for women living with disabilities to showcase their ability

Persons living with a disability in general and women living with disability in particular are always considered inferior in the society whereas they have unexploited talents. Women living with any form of disability are doubly disadvantaged, due to the stigma... Continue Reading →

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