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November 2018

IDPs in the NWR to begin receiving humanitarian aid

Some 1020 families from 5divisions of the NWR of Cameroon displaced due to the current impasse in the hit English corners of the country, will in the days ahead begin receiving humanitarian aid as prescribed by the government of Cameroon.... Continue Reading →

CPDM Militants in Santa subdivision Northwest Region of Cameroon massively turnout for the Swearing in of H.E. President Paul Biya

Militants of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement party in Santa subdivision demonstrated their support and congratulations to their natural candidate President Paul Biya. The celebrations in Santa was championed by the section President, Fru Jonathan on the occasion of the... Continue Reading →

Over 200 IDPs receive aid from SDF Honourable Member of Parliament, Fusi Naamukong Wilfred

Since the birth of what is now known as the Anglophone crisis in the restive Northwest and southwest Regions, there has been a lot of misery and untold sufferings on these populations. Most have become refugees in neighboring countries while... Continue Reading →

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