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September 2018

Aminatou Ahidjo, Cameroon’s first presidents daughter campaigns for CPDM flag bearer, H.E. Paul Biya in the Northwest Region

Aminatou Ahidjo daughter of Cameroon's erstwhile president, Ahmadou Ahidjo, has made a maiden tour since the start of campaigns for Presidential elections to some palaces in Bamenda to reaffirm her support for the incumbent presidential candidate for the CPDM, Paul... Continue Reading →

CPDM Launches Presidential Campaigns in Bamenda against all odds, Compares other 8 candidates to day dreamers and novices

Cameroon People's Dsmocratic Movement, the CPDM has successfully set the pace for campaign activities to forge ahead in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The event which took place on Saturday October 22nd, was championed by the Head of the CPDM... Continue Reading →

Digital rights advocates in Cameroon sign declaration emphasizing access to information as an ingredient to every Democratic society and paramount before, during and after elections.

Members of the COALITION FOR INTERNET ACCESS and digital rights in Cameroon have signed a declaration emphasizing that access to information is necessary in a democratic society, and crucially important before, during and after elections. The declaration was arrived at,... Continue Reading →

Cameroon’s Minister of Post and telecommunications denounces rumours on social media claims of anticipated internet shutdown from October 7th to the 9th.

Internet users have taken turn on the social media debating about anticipated internet cuts from the two English speaking regions of Cameroon from the 7th to the 9th of October 2018. In reacting to these social media claims, Cameroon’s  Minister... Continue Reading →

Gun exchanges at Akum along the Bamenda Babadjou highway, leaves travellers wanting.

The stretch of road between Bamenda chief town of the Northwest region of Cameroon and Babadjou in the west region was on the night of Saturday August 8, under attack. According to passengers on board one of the buses that... Continue Reading →

Wum council empowers 101 youths, as social corporate responsibility drive

Some 101 youths who were temporarily employed by the Wum Council within the framework of the council’s corporate social responsibility and the mutual agreement with PMUC, have come to the end of their empowerment exercise within the municipality. During the... Continue Reading →

Southern Cameroonians submit to Assimilation

It is the wake of the 2018/2019 academic year, the steam for schools resumption in the Northwest Region is low but the mass exodus is what catches the eye. Sunday September 2the eve of school resumption, agencies in Bamenda are... Continue Reading →

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