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July 2018

How amateur video circulating on social media, exposes Cameroon military man who rapes a 17 years old teenage mother and calls government to action.

In the early hours of Monday July 23rd 2018, a rape incident is said to have taken place at a filling station located at veterinary junction few meters away from the French cultural center in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon.... Continue Reading →

They may even be killed by shock and not the bullet. Bamenda this Tuesday 17/07/18

A normal morning it was until the hours of about 10am when the city of Bamenda turned dead with the presence of the said amba fighters. Many argue that the presence of these guys was as a result of the... Continue Reading →

Despite the times, repression obtains, Nine English speaking journalist tortured in Bafoussam despite presenting identification papers.

Some nine English speaking journalists whose names we got as Ambe Macmillian Friday Leyina Voma Toga Richard Jato Mokun Njouny Nelson Fawah Agather Magadaline Besong Lucy Esame Kembong Eileen Sama Sir Nyambot Divine Yuh Timchia, were on the 12/07/18 arrested and... Continue Reading →

Internally displaced persons perceive Mr. Biya’s Humanitarian aid as a corrupt way to lure them Vote in the upcoming Presidential

Internally displaced persons due to the ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, the Northwest and Southwest Regions, are still finding it difficult to warmly receive the Humanitarian assistance offered by the Head of state President Biya.... Continue Reading →

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