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May 2018

Corruption in the face of crisis

Following the communique signed by the Governor of the Northwest region restricting the movement of persons for from the period of 9pm to 6am, the forces of law and order have since then been using it as a means of... Continue Reading →

Save the Environment; Recylcing Cans into Pots in Mbengbu, the environmentalist/entrepreneurial spirit.

In a small locality known as Mbengbu, in the outskirts of Mbengwi, the Northwest Region of Cameroon, is the workshop of Mr. Amuche Sylvester, a renowned potter. Behind his mothers kitchen is where he's set up his workshop made up... Continue Reading →

Digital rights advocates thrive for internet freedom, digital rights and internet rights in Africa.

Some over 20 participants from some civil society organizations from Bamenda are in Yaounde for a two-day workshop enriching themselves with ways on improving advocacy skills on Internet rights, internet freedom and Digital Access in Cameroon. The event which runs... Continue Reading →

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